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Whether a modern-day gentleman, professional businessman, active sportsman or fashion guru, every confident man wears the perfect wristwatch to depict attitude, style and status. The watch has always been and still is an obvious sign of promptness and integrity in men. Moreover, in the modern days, men’s watches are also perceived as an important adornment that depicts style and intent.

NZ men rely greatly on the functionality and utility of their watches. They appreciate a solid built and durable watch with extended features and contemporary solutions. The variety of choices provided by various brands and styles give every man a chance to find its perfectly reliable and stylish watch.

Our collection of watches for men features the best watch brands that are popular across the globe. We cannot overlook the brand power that drives the desire to choose a particular watch. Moreover, if you have your preferred watch brand, here at our online store you will find a filtered NZ brand offers only the best men’s models and collections.

A Guide to Choosing Men’s Watches

The basic categorization, when it comes to men’s watches, is based on the type of display. Moreover, it explains the mechanism that shows the time, in simple words, what you see at the watch’s surface.
Analog Watches

The most traditional type of watch, an analog watch shows the time with an hour hand, minute hand and sometimes a second hand. Watches for men are commonly analog, as many men prefer this style. It’s the epitome of watch styles. Plus, analog watches are very accurate.

Digital Watches

A digital watch is the one that uses an LCD screen to display the time. Moreover, it can display more information, depending on the functions of the watch. As digital watches require electric power, they usually run on batteries. Digital watches are very accurate, however, if their power supply is weak, they can show the wrong time and info.
Advanced technology for digital watches often feature a stopwatch, heart rate measuring, navigation and integration with other devices.

Hybrid Watches

Hybrid watches combine both analog and digital types in one wristwatch. They look like an analog watch, but they also feature an LCD screen inside. Some LCD screens in hybrid watches are used to only tell the dime in digits, however, there are others who offer more functions (fitness tracking, smartphone integration,etc.)

Men’s Watch Styles

Popular styles that watches for men offer are the Casual, Dress/Official, Fashion and Luxury. Casual watches are intended for day-to-day wear and go well with the daily outfit. There are a lot of casual styles for men, and they differ greatly in appearance from brand to brand. On the other hand, the dress or official style of watch is intended for business or formal occasions. They keep a sophisticated, minimal and neat look.

Fashion style refers to the hottest fashion brands' watches and the latest trendy models at a particular time/season. On the contrary, luxury style watches are the ones that are manufactured by the oldest and longest-enduring watch brands that are setting standards for men’s watches. Moreover, they are usually hand-crafted men’s watches.

When and where you want to wear your watch is an important intention to keep in mind when choosing a brand and model. Moreover, you can choose a watch according to occasions or according to your attitude and style. Men often use watches as a symbol of their masculinity and to depict their character.

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